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Graceful Charity - SDP-040 - Super Rare - Unlimited Edition

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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. Your opponent cannot activate 'Appropriate' after you activate 'Graceful Charity' since the last effect that resolves with 'Graceful Charity' is discarding, not drawing, and your opponent misses the timing. But if your opponent already has an active 'Appropriate' face-up on the field, he/she can draw 2 cards after you activate 'Graceful Charity'. If 'Solemn Wishes' is on the field when you activate 'Graceful Charity', you gain 500 Life Points after you finish both drawing and discarding.If 'Solemn Wishes' and 'Skull Invitation' are on the field, you finish both drawing and discarding for the effect of 'Graceful Charity' then you gain 500 Life Points, then you lose 600 Life Points. If you have three pieces of Exodia in your hand, 'Graceful Charity', and no other cards, and then you activate 'Graceful Charity' and draw the final 2 pieces of Exodia, you must discard 2 cards before a victory can be declared, but after you discard you will no longer have all 5 pieces of Exodia, and cannot declare a victory. [Re: Backup Soldier] If your opponent activates 'Delinquent Duo' and you chain 'Backup Soldier' with 2 pieces of Exodia and retrieve the other 3 from your Graveyard you win the Duel before you have to discard for 'Delinquent Duo'. This is because you check for victory conditions in between steps in a chain, (but not in between two separate effects of a single card like 'Graceful Charity'). [Re: Deck Devastation Virus] If 'Deck Devastation Virus' is active and you activate 'Graceful Charity', first draw 3 cards, then discard 2 cards for the effect of 'Graceful Charity', then, if any of the monsters you drew with 'Graceful Charity' are still in your hand and they have ATK 1500 or less, they are destroyed. Similarly, if you activate 'Good Goblin Housekeeping', return the 1 card to the bottom of your deck, and then destroy any monsters in your hand with ATK 1500 or less. [Re: Drastic Drop Off] If your opponent discards card(s) after drawing or adding card(s) to their hand as part of the same effect resolution, you cannot activate 'Drastic Drop Off'. For example, when your opponent resolves 'Graceful Charity', you cannot activate 'Drastic Drop Off'. [Re: Goblin of Greed] 'Goblin of Greed' prevents discarding as a cost, but not as part of an effect. So 'Goblin of Greed' will stop 'Kuriboh', but not 'Mirage of Nightmare' or 'Graceful Charity'. [Re: Gravekeeper's Watcher] You can activate the effect of 'Gravekeeper's Watcher' to negate 'Graceful Charity'. [Re: Magical Thorn] 'Magical Thorn' deals damage per card, so if the opponent activates 'Graceful Charity' they will take 1000 points of damage when they discard 2 cards. If they discard 5 cards to activate 'Final Destiny' they take 2500 points of damage. [Re: Necrovalley] 'Necrovalley' will NOT negate effects that are activated when a card is sent TO the Graveyard or that activate IN the Graveyard or that count cards in the Graveyard. So it will NOT negate the effects of 'Sangan', 'Witch of the Black Forest', 'Black Pendant', 'Giant Rat', 'Mystic Tomato', 'Kuriboh', 'Graceful Charity', 'Sinister Serpent', 'Marie the Fallen One', 'Buster Blader', 'Shadow Ghoul', 'Helpoemer', 'Sword of Deep-Seated', 'Vampire Lord', 'Coffin Seller', and 'Magical Thorn'. [Re: Night Assailant] When multiple 'Night Assailants' are sent to the Graveyard at the same time because of 'Graceful Charity', etc., both can be returned to your hand because 'Night Assailant' cannot select itself but CAN select a different 'Night Assailant', even one that was sent to the Graveyard at the same time. [Re: Null and Void] You can chain 'Null and Void' to a Continuous Spell or Trap Card that causes drawing, such as 'Mirage of Nightmare' or 'Heart of the Underdog'. You cannot chain 'Null and Void' to 'Disturbance Strategy', 'Graceful Charity', 'Card Destruction', 'Morphing Jar', 'Mind Wipe', 'Dragged Down into the Grave', or 'Reload'. [Re: Pharaoh's Treasure] If you draw a face-up 'Pharaoh's Treasure' with 'Graceful Charity', you miss the timing for the effect of 'Pharaoh's Treasure' and the effect disappears. 'Pharaoh's Treasure' is simply added to your hand. In order to apply the effect of 'Pharaoh's Treasure', the very last action must have been to draw. You CAN apply Pharaoh's Treasure's effect if it is drawn while face-up due to 'Pot of Greed', 'Fiber Jar', etc. [Re: Protector of the Sanctuary] If 'Call of the Haunted' is chained to 'Graceful Charity' to Special Summon 'Protector of the Sanctuary', you cannot draw for the effect of 'Graceful Charity' and you do not discard 2 cards. [Re: Skull Invitation] If you draw the final piece of 'Exodia' with 'Graceful Charity' and have all 5 pieces of 'Exodia' in your hand after discarding, you win the Duel even if the damage resulting from 'Skull Invitation' would reduce your Life Points to 0. [Re: Watapon] If you draw 'Watapon' by the effect of 'Graceful Charity' you can Special Summon it to the field after you discard the two cards for 'Graceful Charity'. [Re: Watapon] 'Painful Choice', 'Graceful Charity', and 'Witch of the Black Forest' are all examples of the types of effects that will activate the effect of 'Watapon'.
Passcode: 79571449
Set: Starter Deck Pegasus
Card Number: SDP-040
Monster Type:
Rarity: Super Rare
Attribute: Spell
Card Text: Draw 3 cards from your Deck, then discard any 2 cards from your hand.
Card Type: Normal Spell
Name: Graceful Charity
Edition: Unlimited



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