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Tribe-Infecting Virus - SD4-EN007 - Common - Unlimited Edition

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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. You declare the Type when you activate the effect and discard for the cost, not when the effect resolves, so your opponent can chain after you have announced which Type will be destroyed. You CAN declare a Type that exists only on your opponent's side of the field. You CANNOT declare a Type that is not face-up on the field at all. You can use this effect repeatedly as long as you can keep paying the cost. [Re: Lone Wolf] Your 'Monk Fighter' targeted by 'Lone Wolf' cannot be destroyed by the effect of 'Tribe-Infecting Virus'. Furthermore, if it is the only monster on your side of the field, your opponent cannot discard cards to activate 'Tribe-Infecting Virus' to destroy Rock-Type monsters, because it will have no effect. [Re: My Body as a Shield] 'My Body as a Shield' will negate cards such as 'Dark Hole', 'Fissure', 'Raigeki', 'Eternal Rest', 'Nobleman of Crossout', 'Tribute to the Doomed', 'Thousand Knives', 'Trap Hole', 'Two-Pronged Attack', 'Mirror Force', 'House of Adhesive Tape', 'Eatgaboon', 'Ring of Destruction', 'Torrential Tribute', 'Bottomless Trap Hole', 'Man-Eater Bug', 'Blast Juggler', 'Dragon Seeker', 'Dream Clown', 'Throwstone Unit', 'Burst Breath', 'Swarm of Scarabs', 'Cyber Jar', 'Tribe-Infecting Virus', 'Raigeki Break', 'XYZ Dragon Cannon', 'Mega-Ton Magical Cannon', 'Exiled Force' (negates the effect but will not destroy 'Exiled Force' as it is already in the Graveyard), 'Offerings to the Doomed' (negates 'Offerings to the Doomed' so you do not skip your Draw Phase), 'Jowgen the Spiritualist' (when its effect is activated), 'Dragon's Gunfire' (if the effect that destroys a monster is selected), or 'The Last Warrior From Another Planet' (negates the effect and destroys 'The Last Warrior From Another Planet'). [Re: My Body as a Shield] 'My Body as a Shield' can only be used against effects that will destroy monsters at that time. So you cannot use 'My Body as a Shield' when 'Tribe-Infecting Virus' is summoned you can only use it in response to the activation of 'Tribe-Infecting Virus''s effect, at which point the effect of 'Tribe-Infecting Virus' is negated and 'Tribe-Infecting Virus' is destroyed. Also, you cannot use 'My Body as a Shield' against cards whose effects will not destroy a monster right away, so you cannot use 'My Body as a Shield' against 'Jigen Bakudan', 'Ekibyo Drakmord', 'Magical Hats', 'Steel Scorpion', 'Toon Monsters', 'Thunder Nyan Nyan', 'Gradius' Option', 'Summoner of Illusions', 'Limiter Removal', 'Call of the Haunted', 'Premature Burial', or 'Autonomous Action Unit'. [Re: Night Assailant] 'Night Assailant' doesn't have to be sent to the Graveyard by an effect, or by an effect controlled by your opponent it just has to be sent to the Graveyard. 'Night Assailant''s effect activates when sent to the Graveyard as a cost for 'Magic Jammer' or 'Tribe-Infecting Virus' 'Night Assailant''s effect activates after the current chain resolves. [Re: Peten the Dark Clown] If 'Peten the Dark Clown' is discarded as a cost for 'Tribe-Infecting Virus' or 'Raigeki Break', the last thing that happened was that those effects resolved, so the effect of 'Peten' does not activate. [Re: The End of Anubis] When 'Night Assailant' is discarded to activate the effect of 'Tribe-Infecting Virus', and Fiend is named, the effect of 'Night Assailant' is activated after 'Tribe-Infecting Virus' resolves because 'The End of Anubis' is no longer on the field.
Passcode: 33184167
Set: Structure Deck
ATK/DEF: 1600/1000
Card Number: SD4-EN007
Monster Type: Aqua
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Water
Card Text: Discard 1 card from your hand and declare 1 Type of monster. Destroy all face-up monsters of the declared Type on the field.
Level: 4
Card Type: Effect Monster
Name: Tribe-Infecting Virus
Edition: Unlimited



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