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Reload SD4 - SD4-EN022 - Common - 1st Edition

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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. If you have your opponent's card in your hand and activate 'Reload', your opponent's card is shuffled to his/her Deck. Your opponent can activate 'Appropriate' in response to your drawing with 'Reload''s effect. [Re: Destiny Hero - Dasher] You can activate this effect when you draw a monster during your Draw Phase because of a card effect such as 'Reload' or 'Heart of the Underdog'. [Re: Destiny Hero - Dasher] If you have 2 'Destiny Hero - Dasher' in your Graveyard, and you activate 'Reload' during your Draw Phase and draw 2 or more Monster Cards, you can activate the effects of both 'Destiny Hero - Dashers' in a chain. [Re: Heart of the Underdog] 'Heart of the Underdog' doesn't only activate if you draw a Normal Monster Card for your standard draw. It will also activate its effect if you draw a Normal Monster Card with a card effect such as 'Reload', 'Jar of Greed', or 'Heart of the Underdog'. [Re: Heart of the Underdog] If you draw multiple cards at the same time during your Draw Phase, such as with 'Reload', only 1 of the cards needs to be a Normal Monster to trigger 'Heart of the Underdog', since they are all drawn at the same time. If you activate 'Reload' in your Draw Phase and draw 5 Normal Monster Cards, your 'Heart of the Underdog' only activates 1 time because it says 'card(s)'. [Re: Null and Void] You can chain 'Null and Void' to a Continuous Spell or Trap Card that causes drawing, such as 'Mirage of Nightmare' or 'Heart of the Underdog'. You cannot chain 'Null and Void' to 'Disturbance Strategy', 'Graceful Charity', 'Card Destruction', 'Morphing Jar', 'Mind Wipe', 'Dragged Down into the Grave', or 'Reload'. [Re: Protector of the Sanctuary] If you control 'Protector of the Sanctuary', your opponent cannot activate 'Super Rejuvenation', 'Jar Robber', 'Monster Recovery', or 'Reload' outside of the Draw Phase. [Re: Protector of the Sanctuary] If you control 'Protector of the Sanctuary', your opponent CAN activate 'Reload', 'Jar of Greed', 'Reckless Greed', etc., during the Draw Phase (either player's). [Re: Protector of the Sanctuary] If 'Call of the Haunted' is chained to 'Reload' to Special Summon 'Protector of the Sanctuary', your opponent adds his hand to his Deck and shuffles it, but 'Protector of the Sanctuary' prevents him from drawing. [Re: Tower of Babel] 'Tower of Babel' cannot blow up in the middle of a chain. If you wind up with 5 Spell Counters on 'Tower of Babel' after a chain resolves, the player who caused the 4th Spell Counter to be placed takes the damage. So if you have 'Tower of Babel' with 3 Spell Counters, and you activate 'Pot of Greed', and your opponent chains 'Reload', 'Reload' resolves first and places the 4th Spell Counter, and your opponent takes the 3000 damage after the current chain resolves.
Passcode: 22589918
Set: Structure Deck
Card Number: SD4-EN022
Monster Type:
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Spell
Card Text: Add all cards in your hand to your Deck and shuffle it. Then draw the same number of cards that you added to your Deck.
Card Type: Quick-Play Spell
Name: Reload SD4
Edition: 1st



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