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Exodia the Forbidden One - RP01-EN021 - Ultra Rare - Unlimited Edition

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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. If both players have all 5 of the cards listed on 'Exodia the Forbidden One' in their hand at the same time, such as if both players start with all 5 of the cards in their opening hand, or if both players draw all 5 cards by the effect of 'Card Destruction', the game is declared a DRAW. [Re: Deck Devastation Virus] If you have the four limbs of Exodia in your hand when your opponent activates 'Deck Devastation Virus' they will be destroyed. You can use two 'Backup Soldier' to return them to your hand and they will not be destroyed (they were not drawn). If on your next turn you then draw 'Exodia the Forbidden One' you will win the game before 'Exodia the Forbidden One' is destroyed by the effect of 'Deck Devastation Virus'. [Re: Prohibition] If 'Exodia the Forbidden One' is declared with 'Prohibition', when a player has all five pieces of Exodia in their hand, they win the Duel. This is a win condition and cannot be prevented with 'Prohibition'.
Passcode: 33396948
Set: Retro Pack
ATK/DEF: 1000/1000
Card Number: RP01-EN021
Monster Type: Spellcaster
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Attribute: Dark
Card Text: When you have 'Right Leg of the Forbidden One', 'Left Leg of the Forbidden One', 'Right Arm of the Forbidden One' and 'Left Arm of the Forbidden One' in addition to this card in your hand, you win the Duel.
Level: 3
Card Type: Effect Monster
Name: Exodia the Forbidden One
Edition: Unlimited



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