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Reflect Bounder - DR1-EN174 - Super Rare - Unlimited Edition

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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. 'Reflect Bounder' inflicts its effect damage, then damage calculation is applied normally, then 'Reflect Bounder' is destroyed by its own effect. When an Attack Position 'Reflect Bounder' is attacked, it is destroyed by its own effect even if the ATK of 'Reflect Bounder' is lower than the ATK of the attacking monster. The damage inflicted by 'Reflect Bounder''s effect is not Battle Damage, so it cannot be reduced to 0 with 'Waboku'. Effects such as 'Metalmorph' and 'Injection Fairy Lily' happen after 'Reflect Bounder''s effect, because 'Reflect Bounder''s effect happens before damage calculation. When your opponent attacks your Attack Position 'Reflect Bounder', your opponent can use 'Barrel Behind the Door' against 'Reflect Bounder''s effect. When your opponent's 'White Magical Hat' with 'Axe of Despair' attacks your 'Reflect Bounder', 'Reflect Bounder' inflicts its effect damage, damage calculation is performed, and 'White Magical Hat''s effect is activated. When 'Reflect Bounder' is attacked by 'Dark Ruler Ha Des', 'Reflect Bounder' inflicts its effect damage, damage calculation is applied, 'Reflect Bounder' is determined to be destroyed as a result of battle, 'Dark Ruler Ha Des' negates 'Reflect Bounder''s effect, and 'Reflect Bounder' does not destroy itself with its own effect, however it was still destroyed as a result of battle. 'Reflect Bounder''s effect does not target. If 'Reflect Bounder' is attacked by 'D.D. Warrior Lady', and the effect of 'Reflect Bounder' is activated, 'Reflect Bounder' inflicts damage, damage calculation is performed, and 'Reflect Bounder' destroys itself with its own effect and is sent to the Graveyard, so even if 'D.D. Warrior Lady' activates her effect, 'Reflect Bounder' is not removed from play because it is already in the Graveyard. [Re: Barrel Behind the Door] You can activate 'Barrel Behind the Door' against Trigger Effects like 'Lava Golem', 'Giant Germ', 'Relinquished' (when it inflicts effect damage, since 'Barrel Behind the Door' can be activated during the Damage Step because it is a Counter-Trap Card), 'Minar' (when discarded), 'Parasite Paracide' (when it inflicts effect damage), 'Bowganian', 'Mushroom Man #2', 'Reflect Bounder' (when it is attacked), 'Shinato, King of a Higher Plane' (when it attacks and destroys a Defense Position monster and sends it to the Graveyard), 'Granadora' (when destroyed and sent to the Graveyard), 'Balloon Lizard' (when destroyed), 'KA-2 Des Scissors', 'Needle Burrower', 'Atomic Firefly', 'Elephant Statue of Disaster', and 'Ameba'. [Re: Disciple of the Forbidden Spell] If LIGHT was a chosen Attribute, and 'Disciple of the Forbidden Spell' attacks 'Reflect Bounder', 'Reflect Bounder's' effect will not activate and no damage will be inflicted. [Re: Doomcaliber Knight] If 'Doomcaliber Knight' attacks an Attack Position 'Reflect Bounder', when 'Reflect Bounder's' effect activates 'Doomcaliber Knight's' effect is chained. 'Doomcaliber Knight' negates 'Reflect Bounder's' effect and destroys it. Damage Calculation is not conducted. [Re: Heavy Mech Support Platform] If 'Heavy Mech Support Platform' is equipped to 'Big Core' or 'Reflect Bounder' and they would be destroyed by their effect, 'Heavy Mech Support Platform' is destroyed instead. [Re: Heavy Mech Support Platform] If 'Reflect Bounder' equipped with 'Heavy Mech Support Platform' is attacked by 'Dark Ruler Ha Des', during damage calculation 'Heavy Mech Support Platform' is destroyed instead of 'Reflect Bounder'. Then, after damage calculation, 'Reflect Bounder' will destroy itself by its own effect. Its effect is not negated, because it was not destroyed by 'Dark Ruler Ha Des'. [Re: Lone Wolf] If you have 'Monk Fighter' targeted by 'Lone Wolf', the following are examples of monster effects that will NOT be negated because they are not applied to a monster: 'Airknight Parshath' (damage is inflicted and a card is drawn), 'Fiber Jar' ('Monk Fighter' is shuffled into the Deck), 'Maju Garzett' (the ATK of 'Maju Garzett' does not become 0), 'Susa Soldier' (the damage to Life Points is still halved), 'Dark Magician Girl' (her ATK is still increased by her effect), 'Stone Statue of the Aztecs' (Battle Damage to your Life Points is doubled), 'Amazoness Fighter' (opponent's Battle Damage to their Life Points is still zero), 'Amazoness Swords Woman' (Battle Damage is still redirected), and 'Reflect Bounder' (you still take effect damage to your Life Points). [Re: Sasuke Samurai #4] If 'Sasuke Samurai #4' attacks a face-up Attack Position 'Reflect Bounder', the effect of 'Sasuke Samurai #4' is resolved before the effect of 'Reflect Bounder'. [Re: The Agent of Force - Mars] If 'The Agent of Force - Mars' attacks 'Reflect Bounder', 'Reflect Bounder' deals damage based on 'The Agent of Force - Mars'' current ATK, so if it has 2000 ATK, then 'Reflect Bounder' inflicts 2000 damage then recalculate 'The Agent of Force - Mars'' ATK before performing damage calculation.
Passcode: 02851070
Set: Dark Revelations 1
ATK/DEF: 1700/1000
Card Number: DR1-EN174
Monster Type: Machine
Rarity: Super Rare
Attribute: Light
Card Text: When this face-up Attack Position card is attacked by a monster on your opponent's side of the field, before damage calculation is resolved in the Damage Step, this card inflicts damage to your opponent's Life Points equal to the ATK of the attacking monster. Then, after damage calculation is resolved, this card is destroyed.
Level: 4
Card Type: Effect Monster
Name: Reflect Bounder
Edition: Unlimited



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